What is Nutritional Therapy?

If you had a rock in your shoe that was causing you pain, what would you do? The answer seems simple enough. You would take off your shoe, dump the rock out, and go on your merry way pain-free. Conventional practice treats the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and disease by prescribing pain medications, in this example the pain from the rock, rather than discovering the source of the pain.

Nutritional Therapy is a process designed to get to the source of body dysfunction rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs. Symptoms are your body’s cry for help and when we mask symptoms with medications we are ignoring the underlying problem. This drives turmoil deeper in your body, which can result in the increased need for drugs and the potential to develop additional health challenges.

At The Nutrient Solution, we support your body holistically to heal, which leads to more effective and long-lasting results.  During our time together we’ll look at your WHOLE body when it comes to your health instead of focusing on the parts. We’ll find out why your symptoms are happening through an array of tools and techniques. We will correct nutritional imbalances and provide you with education on nutrient dense foods. Your body is smart enough that when we remove the stressors and focus on proper nutrients YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF.


Who are My Services Right For?

Are you ready for answers on what’s causing your health challenges? Are you ready to stop masking the issues with medications? Are you ready to get your life back?

Do you struggle with a chronic condition, digestive complaints, fatigue, hormonal imbalances or autoimmune disease? Maybe it's weight gain or you're looking to clean up your diet in general but don't know where to start?

Let’s work together to identify the foundation of your health concerns and banish those symptoms through a personalized diet and lifestyle plan for the best version of YOU!